I'm into my 12th year in commercial real estate, and my 5th year of building a family. I'm in that weird place in life where I know so much but I also know I know so little.

If you're interested in working together, visit my business site (live in January 2024).But if you're just curious, I'm a real estate advisor and broker for leading retail brands in all retail verticals, nationally or regionally, depending on the brand.

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If you just want some random facts about me, allow me to humblebrag: I was MVP of my high school ice hockey team and President of my law school class, and I'm an accomplished photographer (okay, not at all, but I had one photo published in Eater (scroll down to April 2023)). Also, my wife reminds me daily that I'm only 5'8" and often "suggests" that she loves our dog more than she loves me. Check out my LinkedIn if you need to know more. I basically just love my family and my work. And University of Pittsburgh sports, as frustrating as they are.